Night at The Zoo (Bali Zoo)

Details :

Night at the Zoo offers a fantastic experience exploring the zoo after dark! It is the next best thing to do while on the island besides gazing at dramatic sunset on the beach. Serving up a great variety of wildlife, Bali Zoo invites you to experience nocturnal animals watching in their prime hour. The night at the zoo program begins at 6 pm and ends at 9 pm. It is a nice activity for adults and families with young kids while on holiday in Bali.

Guests are expected to arrive at the ticketing counter at least 5.30 pm. The night at the zoo package includes a la carte dinner that is proudly served at Wana Restaurant. Our ticketing staff will guide individual guests or small groups less than 20 people through our dinner menu that varied from barbeque to Indian vegetarian cuisine. While Churrasco style international buffet is served for a group of 20 people or more.

The nightlife in the zoo is wonderful and mysterious at the same time. It is hard to tell the difference between a sleeping bearcat or an active one watching us with its widen pupils; if the owl is being calm or keeping an eye to a prey. Also sometimes it is hard to spot the animals as they blend in with the environment. Our expert guide will help you to unravel the mystery and spot the animals.

Some night creatures, such as owls and large cats have evolved sight allows them to see easily in the dark, some have a good sense of smell, such as snakes, while some others have a special hearing ability. No wonder their behavior is so unique. A set of house rules, which are no flash photography, be calm, and not walking separately with the group are meant to be followed to keep the animals calm and make your night at the zoo the best ever.

Our guides are very informative. But you can always find out more information about the animals from the written information on display!

Include :

Entry to the zoo
Welcome drinks and canapes Deer feeding
Elephants feeding
Guided tour in the zoo
Nocturnal creatures encounters
A la carte dinner at Wana Restaurant
Fire dance performance

Pick Up Time :

Kuta 04.00 PM
Nusa Dua 04.00 PM
Sanur 04.30 PM
Ubud 04.45 PM

Prices :

USD 76.00/ person (include hotel transfer)
USD 62.00/ person
(exclude hotel transfer)
USD 44.00 for child

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